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About the Evictions Program

The Eviction Resolution Program was created to resolve landlord and tenant disputes before they lead to court filings and evictions. Communication between landlords and tenants can be challenging.


A specially-trained Eviction Resolution Specialist is available to provide guidance and assistance over the phone, as well as arrange mediation services when needed. We also offer resources to assist Spanish-speaking members of our community.

Neutral Ground Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) will:

  • provide forms needed to comply with ERPP protocol.

  • provide facilitative negotiations regarding repayment plans.

  • connect tenants to any available rental assistance.

  • refer tenants and landlords for legal assistance.

  • provide a DRC Certificate to parties if there is no resolution.


Note: Landlords must have a DRC Certificate in order to file an unlawful detainer with the court.



You are required to present individualized and reasonable payment plans for your tenants. Your flexibility can help preserve your relationships with your tenants and help them maintain housing.



Landlords are required to present a personalized, reasonable repayment plan for any rent missed. You will have to pay back any missed rent through a payment plan.  Prepare for this conversation and consider how you can help your landlord understand your financial situation in order to make your payment plan work for you.

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