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What is Mediation?  

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process through which the people involved in a conflict sit down with a trained,

certified neutral third party to resolve their disputes. The mediators listen to both parties and help them create an agenda of topics to be negotiated. Then the parties negotiate with the intention of finding a solution that is both doable and durable.




Why Mediate with Neutral Ground DRC?  

When you choose mediation as your resolution approach, you retain more control over how the matter will be resolved. Mediation is confidential. It can be scheduled within days of your request. Mediation is cost effective in terms

of both time and money. Neutral Ground DRC promotes open, effective communication. This is the key to getting conflicts resolved! Our interest-based style of mediation helps clients resolve disagreements through the help and facilitation of unbiased mediators, promoting collaboration and creative solutions. The safety and structure of our mediation process

can improve communication, promote understanding, and often lead toward the repair of relationships.

Who are the Mediators?

Neutral Ground’s mediators are members of our local community who have taken specialized training to become

certified as mediators. They serve pro bono. Our mediators adhere to the Standards of Practice outlined in the

Washington State Uniform Mediation Act (RCW 7.07).

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