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Why Use Our Services?


  • Neutral Ground DRC staff are trained and certified through WA State.

  • We provide confidential and private services.

  • Our services are faster and less expensive than legal proceedings, so you will save both time and money!

  • We seek amicable settlement of disputes through mediation.

  • You choose the outcome by making your own decisions and agreements.

What Disputes We Settle?


  • Division of Property

  • Parenting Plans

  • Family or Neighbors

  • Landlord-Tenant

  • Workplace

  • Professional-Client

  • Small Claims

  • Real Estate

  • Anti-harassment Orders 

How Does It Work?


  • Initial Interview - this is a meeting with the applicant to determine the appropriateness of the case for mediation, gather pertinent information, determination of services fees, preparing  for and scheduling an appointment for mediation.

  • Mediation - There are two mediators present with the parties involved. The mediators explain their roles,  and the roles of the parties, as well as  the process of mediation. An agreement to mediate is signed. Each party has the opportunity to talk about the dispute from their perspective without interruption. The mediators facilitate the discussion and help the parties talk about the dispute. The aim is to encourage a neutral ground agreement leading to a doable and durable solution!  Once an agreement is reached, it is documented and can be legally enforced if necessary.

Time & Cost of Mediation


  • With few formalities or technical requirements, most cases can be completed within a few hours. Applications for services are appropriate at any stage of a dispute, whether or not legal proceedings have begun. Courts generally favor the resolution of disputes through mediation and arbitration. Court proceedings can therefore usually be suspended at the request of the parties.

  • Neutral Ground DRC is a non-profit organization and is partially supported by charitable contributions and client fees. The fees are determined on a sliding scale, according to each party's income (which must be verified with accepted documentation). In certain types of cases minimum fees may be applicable. Fees are generally only a fraction of the cost of legal proceedings.

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